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Cura Celebrates 20th Anniversary at LeadingAge PA

Our Happy Clients

Cura’s team was excited to celebrate 20 years hosting our client dinner at LeadingAge PA, an association of not-for-profit service organizations that advocate for quality senior services and care! 

Cura’s booth was the place to be where our chefs prepared fresh food (with samples of course) for attendees during the trade show exhibit at the Hershey Lodge in Hershey, PA.

Chefs prepared banana, blueberry and mango colada smoothies from the Handcrafted Delights recipe collection; as well as a power brain salad and rosemary cashew mix from Seasonal Plate, a program developed by Cura's parent organization, Elior North America to highlight seasonal ingredients.  Kudos to the team from Messiah Lifeways:  Lindsey Clinton, executive chef, who created the menu and decorated the booth; along with Keenan Alexander and Chase Walter, sous chefs, who prepared the recipes at the booth!

Following the show, more than 100 of Cura’s clients were hosted at the Hershey Country Club where our culinary team prepared and served an exceptional, five-star dining experience that rivaled some of the top chefs in the country!

According to Jim Crossin, Cura district manager and organizer of the LeadingAge PA client dinner, “This event gives us the ability to demonstrate Cura's strengths in culinary arts, customer service and special event programming.  While our competitors take their clients out to local restaurants... Cura brings their passion for food to our clients! “


Passed Seasonal Plate Appetizers:

  • Avocado Chickpea Vegetable Toast
  • Asparagus Sweet Potato Strata
  • Peach Basil Pancake with Smoked Chicken

Masterful Results Flavor Action Stations

  • Spicy Shrimp Flatbread with aged Manchego cheese and charred Tomatillos
  •  Hoisin Glazed Wagyu Beef stuffed Grilled Seckel Pear
  • Grilled Coconut Pork Tenderloin Sugar Cane Skewers


  • Watermelon, Romaine, Handpicked Blueberries and Blackberries, Roasted Walnuts and Feta Cheese splashed with a Candied Red Onion Vinaigrette


  • Grilled Salmon and Scallops w/ Ancient Grains (Seeds of Change Wild Rice Blend) served with Garden Seared Spring Vegetables
  • Lavender Honey Roasted Filet of Beef Tenderloin with Chick Pea Pancake served with Garden Seared Spring Vegetables
  • Selective Italian Breaded Eggplant Parmesan served with a Tomato Cucumber Basil Salad

Savor the Sweetness

  • Pineapple Mango infused Fresh Peaches with Grilled Pound Cake Croutons and Mascarpone Cheese

Thank you to the collaborative efforts of our Cura culinary team who led the menu development, preparation and execution of this most anticipated yearly event:  Chef Andrew Loeffler (Peter Becker Community); Kim Wilson (Phoebe Terrace); Michelle Doleniak (Phoebe Berks); Nick Boehmer (Phoebe Berks); Chef William Hockenberry (Shenango Presbyterian SeniorCare); Franklin Oiler (Messiah Lifeways); John Lush (Homestead Village); Eileen Goos (Cura floating manager); Trent Krupica and Marcia Heiter (Cura corporate)… and all the culinary and service support back and front-of-the-house!

Cura is a highly responsive and innovative dining services and hospitality provider dedicated to a mission of Enhancing Life Around Great Food. As part of Elior North America, the Cura team enhances peoples’ lives through culinary innovation and a commitment to providing exemplary service. 



Grace Zarnas-Hoyer, Manager of Public Relations

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